The Use of the State–Trait Anger Expression Inventory–II With Forensic Populations A Psychometric Critique [2015]

The State–Trait Anger Expression Inventory–II (STAXI-II) is a psychometric assessment that measures the experience, expression, and control of anger in research and clinical settings. Although the STAXI-II is extensively used and its psychometric properties supported, no psychometric critique has yet specifically assessed its utility with forensic populations. The aim of this critique was to explore the validity and reliability of the STAXI-II when used with forensic samples. It was found that the psychometric properties of the STAXI-II, when used with forensic populations, are satisfactory. However, gaps in research and issues that need to be addressed in practice have been highlighted. Although STAXI-II provides a comprehensive measure of anger, it does not capture all aspects of the construct. In addition, the tool does not contain an inherent validity scale, indicating the need to control for social desirability responding when administering the STAXI-II. Practical implications, limitations, and future research will be discussed.

Sara Schamborg, Ruth J. Tully, Kevin D. Browne
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, Vol 60, Issue 11, 2016