Transition Space at the Museum: A Community Arts-Based Group Program to Foster the Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Youths with Mental Health Problems [2020]

Transition Space at the Museum is a community arts-based group program aiming to foster the psychosocial rehabilitation of adolescents and young adults with mental health problems. In this pilot evaluation, we assessed the preliminary effectiveness of the program at improving participants’ well-being and social functioning. Following a mixed-methods, single-group, repeated-measures design, we collected data before, during, and after program from participants, clinicians, and close relatives using standardized questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. We found converging quantitative and qualitative results supporting the safety and potential of the program to improve the way participants feel and function socially in the short term.

Kim Archambault, Élyse Porter-Vignola, Marilyn Lajeunesse, Victor Debroux-Leduc, Rocio Macabena Perez, Patricia Garel
Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 17 July 2020