Treatment service related needs and concerns of women with substance use disorders: a qualitative study – 2018

Research indicates that clinical services for addiction treatment that address gender specific issues are more effective for women than traditional programs, designed originally for men. However, there are very few studies from India that assess the treatment needs and concerns of women with substance use disorders (SUDs). This study aims to understand the treatment service-related needs and concerns of women with SUDs in the Indian context. Ten women with SUDs were selected for this qualitative study using a purposive sampling technique. Data was collected using an in-depth interview method. All interviews were audio taped and transcribed into English. Directed content analysis was used to analyze the data. The four major themes that emerged from the qualitative data in relation to treatment needs and concerns were: Quality of therapeutic relationship, Stigma and discrimination from health care system, Support needs, and Informational needs. Women with SUDs have unique treatment needs and concerns. Addressing these issues may help in designing or developing specific psychosocial interventions for women with SUDs. Further studies in this area are required for a comprehensive understanding and for tailored interventions.

Reni Thomas, R. Dhanasekara Pandian & Pratima Murthy
International Journal of Culture and Mental Health, Volume 11, 2018 – Issue 2