Understanding practitioners’ needs in supporting self-determination in people with intellectual disability [2020]

Self-determination has been acknowledged as a critical construct for people with intellectual disability (ID) given the benefits its promotion entails toward an enhanced quality of life. To better determine how to efficiently and sustainably promote self-determination for people with ID across contexts, an in depth exploration of practitioners needs in supporting self-determination urges. The main aim of this study was thus to approach practitioners’ perspectives about self-determination promotion at all systems that influence human functioning. Four focus groups interviews were conducted with 30 professionals working with people with ID and thematic analysis was conducted to analyze the data obtained. Results illustrated both participants’ perceptions of the facilitators or barriers in promoting and supporting self-determination and were organized according to the systems framework. The close relationship among systems that influence self-determination promotion is further discussed and future research directions are outlined stemming from the implications of this study.

Mumbardó-Adam, Cristina Vicente Sánchez, Eva Simó-Pinatella, David Coma Roselló, Teresa
Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 51(4), 2020