Using Recovery-Oriented Principles to Improve Consumer Empowerment in a State Psychiatric Hospital – 2018

The culture of state psychiatric hospitals may make it difficult to implement recovery-oriented principles such as empowerment. The current study describes efforts of one hospital to empower consumers of psychiatric hospital services using focus groups, surveys, and a workgroup to address the issue of low program attendance. The study determined the importance of identifying consumer goals, informing consumers about options for therapeutic group programming, and matching consumer goals to treatment. Identifying these items led to development of a consumer catalog designed to allow consumers of psychiatric hospital services to choose programs that aligned with their goals while also meeting staff needs to address problem areas on a treatment plan. Limitations to the current approach and direction for future research are discussed.

Tom Bartholomew, MA; Loren Gildar, MMT, MT-BC; Gwen Carrick, MA; Angela Saafigueroa, NCC; Ruth Cook, MS
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, March 16, 2018{467fa38a-291d-4f30-a939-dcc83dcb8ada}/using-recovery-oriented-principles-to-improve-consumer-empowerment-in-a-state-psychiatric-hospital