Veterans Treatment Court research: Participant characteristics, outcomes, and gaps in the literature [2018]

In the United States, there are increasing numbers of Veterans Treatment Courts (VTCs) that have been developed to improve Veteran reintegration. Our scoping study examined VTC scholarship published between 2008 and 2016 and summarized participant profiles, services provided, and effectiveness and implementation of VTCs. Of 1,207 sources pertaining to VTC, 206 sources were included for review, and 48 sources were selected for the analytic sample. The majority of VTC participants are White males, middle-aged (30–50 years of age), and had mental health and substance abuse disorders. Studies of VTC effectiveness reported mixed findings. Future rigorous research should expand on VTC outcomes, variability in VTC jurisdictions, and the role of peer mentors.

Janice D. McCall, Jack Tsai & Adam J. Gordon

Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 31 Oct 2018