Violence-Related Traumatic Brain Injury in Justice-Involved Women [2018]

The present study investigated gender differences in the prevalence and incidence of violence-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) among justice-involved individuals, as well as potential associations between violence-related TBI and select biopsychosocial variables among women in the sample. Data from 409 justice-involved individuals were analyzed, and men and women were compared for rate of violence-related TBI. Women were grouped by violence-related TBI history and compared on eight biopsychosocial variables. Gender was significantly associated with multiple TBIs and multiple violence-related TBIs. History of violence-related TBI in women was associated with physical health problems and incarceration history. This research revealed a high rate of violence-related multiple TBIs among justice-involved women. Violence-related TBIs were associated with more prevalent physical illness and increased incarceration times. Identification of justice-involved women with these injuries may help clinicians better tailor services to improve inmate outcomes and reduce cost burdens to justice systems.

Kristi Wall, Kim Gorgens, Judy Dettmer, Terri M. Davis, Jennifer Gafford

Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol 45, Issue 10, 2018