Violence Risk Assessments and Management – 2018-02

Risk assessment and management are central to much of contemporary psychiatric practice. Although many people with mental illness are not violent, mental health professionals are often called upon to perform violence risk assessments in a variety of situations and settings. Moreover, in general practice, assessing and mitigating patients’ risk can be critical aspects of treatment. The task of applying the information gathered during risk assessments to manage risk clinically remains challenging. Knowing how to conduct skillful risk assessments can improve decision-making about violence and help treat patients well and safely. We review violence risk assessment research and the clinical application of risk assessments and risk management.

Susan Parke, MD; Madelon Baranoski, PhD; Alec Buchanan, MD, PhD; Michael A. Norko, MD, MAR
Psychiatric Annals. 2018;48(2):109-114