‘Without the Right Support Network I’d Probably Be Either Dead or in the Prison System’: The Role of Support in Helping Offenders on their Journey to Desistance [2020]

Reforms designed to enhance the delivery of flexible and holistic support to offenders were introduced in 2013, with a clear focus on addressing ‘broader life management issues’ to enable behaviour change. Data are drawn from total of 117 semi‐structured interviews undertaken with 57 offenders as part of the Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions support and behaviour change project. The article specifically highlights the significance of long‐term support in successfully helping offenders to change their behaviour. It emphasises the importance of long‐term engagement, together with strengths‐based approaches in helping offenders to progress personal development and create a new prosocial identity whereby they can become invested in society.

Elaine Batty
The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice, 11 February 2020