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Coping with Chronic Racial Trauma: A Black Professional’s Path from Survival to Healing

February 28 @ 12:30 pm February 29 @ 3:30 pm

Black people live in a world where Anti-Black racism exists in many constructs, creating chronic racial trauma. Workplace diversity, equity and inclusion are poorly executed organizational strategies that are not meeting the needs of Black and racialized employees; while systemic barriers, negative news cycles, and day to day lived experiences of Anti-Black racism actively threaten the physical and mental health of Black people, and the Black community. 

Coping with Chronic Racial Trauma will examine research on the outcomes for Black people in systems such as education, health, child & youth welfare, and within the workplace.  It will link chronic experiences of Anti-Black racism to negative mental and physical health, PTSD/trauma responses and maladaptive coping strategies. The story telling, and counter story-telling aspect of this course will help individuals navigate and contextualize their trauma safely, while promoting healing. This workshop will look at the reality of racial trauma, and it will build competencies that recognize the crisis being experienced by Black professionals on a regular basis. 

This evidence-informed training will use Critical Race Theory, as well as trauma informed modalities such as Schema Therapy. The training will focus on positive racial identity, while helping to develop effective coping skills, increase self-advocacy, and provide strategies to improve the well-being of Black professionals, creating a path from survival to healing. 

Learning Outcomes 

  1. Understand the history, foundation, and function of Anti-Black racism in Canadian society.  
  2. Identify Schemas and trauma lenses as related to race and various intersections.   
  3. Understand and improve maladaptive coping styles/schema modes (survival) and replace them with effective coping strategies. 
  4. Recognize, understand and be aware of the symptoms of racial trauma.  
  5. Practice self-advocacy, self-care and reconnect with positive racial identity. 
$150 – $185