The HSJCC Secretariat

The HSJCC Secretariat is responsible for supporting the infrastructure of the HSJCC Network and implementing the workplan of the Provincial HSJCC. The Secretariat is made up of a small staff housed at the Canadian Mental Health Association – Ontario Division. The Secretariat currently has five members:

  • Ashleigh Addison, Project Manager
  • Andrew Fairbairn, Network Coordinator
  • Erin Paquette, Justice Lead, Policy Analyst
  • Andy Luu, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Specialist
  • Sara Fruchtman, Community Reintegration Lead, Policy Analyst
  • Julia Laine, Community Reintegration Coordinator

For all HSJCC inquiries, please use the contact form below to connect to a member of the HSJCC Secretariat.

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Please note that the HSJCC Network does not solicit editorial content for this website or participate in marketing or promotional activities that are not directly related to the work of its members. Staff will not respond to inquiries unrelated to HSJCC activities, including offers for guest posts, sponsored posts or link exchanges.

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