HSJCC Webinars

Legal Capability Training for Service Providers – Webinar – 2021/06/15 and 2021/06/16

CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario/Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario) is offering the HSJCC Network a training webinar series on legal capability. Legal capability involves the knowledge and skills needed to address a problem with a legal aspect. This training series is intended to help service providers assist their clients with legal problems. The training will address a … Read more

Innovations in Alternative Crisis Response Models – Webinar – 2021/05/12

Webinar Description: This webinar will explore the current landscape of community-based, non-police crisis response models in Ontario. In conversation with advocates from the Reach Out Response Network and Gerstein Crisis Centre, this presentation will provide an overview of the research around alternative crisis response models and speak to the experiences and best practices of these … Read more

Unequal Justice – Webinar – 2021/04/21

Unequal Justice: Experiences and outcomes of young people in Ontario’s youth bail system presented by John Howard Society of Ontario Webinar Description: Participants of this webinar will learn about a unique research project conducted by the John Howard Society of Ontario on the front end of our youth justice system. Unequal Justice: Experiences and outcomes of … Read more

Creating LGBTQ2S Cultural Competency – Webinar – 2021/03/17

Webinar Description: This webinar is a learning opportunity to provide the tools and resources to better equip service providers in the human services and justice sectors when dealing with someone from the LGBTQ2S community. In this interactive workshop, you will take away: gained insight and knowledge of the LGBTQ2S culture understand some of the struggles … Read more

Legal Education Awareness Project (LEAP) ABI Justice Toolkit – Webinar – 2020/11/24

Webinar Synopsis This training will provide information on BIST’s Legal Education Awareness Project (LEAP), a web-based toolkit developed in partnership with the Law Foundation of Ontario to increase knowledge and awareness of challenges faced by persons with brain injury in the justice system. The presentation will include an overview of the design and resources included … Read more

Improving interactions between Autistic people & the police: Perspectives from the ASD Community – Webinar – 2020/10/30

Research suggests that a substantial percentage of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder encounter the police in their lifetime. Police interactions are stressful events for anyone but can be especially stressful and problematic for Autistic people. When developing any type of training program for law enforcement, it is important to include the views of multiple stakeholders, … Read more

Addiction: A Match Between Lived Experience and Neuroscience – Webinar – 2020/09/14

This presentation seeks to show how the lived experience of addiction reflects the neuroscience that informs us by matching the presenter’s lived experience with information from The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs and Health , published in 2016. The presenter will demonstrate how this should also inform treatment. Presenter: Karen James is a person … Read more

The HSJCC Network in 2019/2020 – Webinar – 2020-09-02

Every summer, the Local, Regional and Provincial HSJCCs complete Annual Reports detailing the results of the work that they’ve completed over the past fiscal year. This process gives us the opportunity to reflect on the hard work and many accomplishments of the HSJCC Network. Join us for a webinar hosted by the HSJCC Secretariat looking … Read more

CLEO Steps to Justice – Webinar – 2020-05-27

CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario/Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario) is offering a webinar on StepstoJustice.ca, a website with legal information on common legal problems. This webinar is for people working in the health and justice systems who may support people with legal problems. These may include questions about health, disability, income assistance, abuse and family violence or … Read more

Bolstering Resiliency in Healthcare Professionals – Webinar – 2020-03-9

Many individuals are impacted by the aftermath of traumatic and victimizing experiences, resulting from accidents, illnesses, interpersonal violence and other traumas. About 75% of these individuals will evidence resilience (Meichenbaum, 2012). Resilience is the ability to bounce back after trauma by utilizing effective coping strategies to handle ongoing adversities. Resilience is not a characteristic trait … Read more

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – Webinar – 2020-02-25

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an invisible brain-based disability that arises due to prenatal alcohol exposure. FASD is one of the leading causes of developmental disabilities in North America. Understanding the structural changes in the FASD brain will allow for a better understanding of the cognitive/behavioural difficulties witnessed in the child’s environment, including interactions … Read more

Crossroads in Mental Health Crisis and Law Enforcement – Webinar – 2020-01-23

Evolving social, economic and fiscal realities have created a strain in the treatment of mental illness. As a result of this strain, police services often become the first line of contact between a person in crisis and available resources. Police services have had to adapt to this new reality and find collaborative approaches to resolve … Read more

Older Adults and the Justice System – Webinar – 2019-10-01

For the first time ever, there are more Canadians aged 65 and older than Canadians below age 15. As Ontario begins to feel this demographic shift, all areas of the justice system are encountering older adults at a more frequent rate. Often these interactions involve age-related conditions like dementia, mental health conditions, and/or substance use, … Read more

Introducing our new Provincial HSJCC members – Webinar – 2019-08-26

Introducing our new Provincial HSJCC members: The John Howard Society of Ontario and Justice for Children and Youth The Provincial HSJCC has recently welcomed two new members to its table. Representatives from the John Howard Society of Ontario and Justice for Children and Youth will be bringing their respective expertise to the Provincial Committee this fall, … Read more

The HSJCC Network in 2018/2019 – Webinar – 2019-08-14

The HSJCC Network: 2018/2019 Every summer, the Local, Regional and Provincial HSJCCs report on the projects they have been working on over the past fiscal year. This reporting process provides us with the opportunity to reflect on everything the HSJCC Network has achieved during this time. Join us for a webinar hosted by the HSJCC … Read more

Human Trafficking – Webinar – 2019-07-04

Human Trafficking in Our Communities This webinar will explore the elements of human trafficking and examine how recruitment, coercion and exploitation interconnect to perpetrate the crime of human trafficking. Case studies will be utilized to assist participants in identifying root causes and preventative strategies. The session will consider the similarities and differences in providing supports … Read more

Race and Mental Health Court Diversion – Webinar – 2019-05-15

The Racialized Populations and Mental Health & Addictions Community of Interest (CoI) is a provincial forum for knowledge exchange and collaborative creation. Members of CoI will present on its most recent project which focused on the experiences of racialized persons with formal and informal mental health court diversion programs and practices in Toronto. The presentation … Read more

History of Childhood Abuse in Populations Incarcerated in Canada – Webinar – 2019-04-15

This webinar will discuss the rationale, methods, findings, and implications of a systematic review that was conducted on the prevalence of childhood abuse in people in prisons in Canada. Half of people in prisons in Canada have experienced childhood abuse. Each type of childhood abuse (neglect, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse) is common. Women are … Read more

Housing, Mental Health and Justice – Webinar – 2019-03-28

For decades, people with no fixed address have entered and left correctional facilities, yet there have been limited housing solutions available to them. The complex factors leading to criminal justice involvement, the multiple entry and exit points, the high prevalence of mental health and addictions problems, and the complexity of agencies and ministries involved, have … Read more

Community Safety and Well-Being Planning – Webinar – 2019-02-15

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) will be presenting a webinar about community safety and well-being planning in Ontario for the HSJCC Network. Since 2009, the Public Safety Division at MCSCS has been working on a modernized approach to community safety and well-being. This process consisted of three phases, each of which … Read more

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Justice System – Webinar – 2019-01-10

This webinar will provide an overview of an innovative, multifaceted research program that aims to facilitate the integration of services for persons with traumatic brain injury and mental health and/or addiction issues by addressing relevant knowledge gaps. The program aims to address major service gaps for persons with these concurrent conditions that disproportionately affect individuals … Read more

Cannabis Legalization and Mental Health – Webinar [2018-10-11]

As cannabis becomes publicly available for purchase in Ontario, there are many opportunities for discussion around the possible impacts of legalization. This webinar will explore what is currently understood about cannabis use and its impacts on mental health. This is the first in a series of webinars exploring topics related to cannabis legalization. In this … Read more

The HSJCC Network: Reflecting on the past year and looking ahead

The HSJCC Network is made up of 54 diverse committees across the province which operate at a local, regional and provincial level. Reflecting on the work of the HSJCC Network over the past year, this presentation will provide an overview of 2017/2018 Annual Reports with highlights from the local and regional committees and updates on … Read more

Dementia and the Justice System – Webinar – 2018-06-21

This webinar examines the complex issue of dementia in relation to the criminal justice system. It provides an overview of the ways in which people with dementia come into contact with the law and the issues they may face in navigating the system. Presenters:  Katelynn Viau – Behavioural Supports Ontario Monica Bretzlaff –Behavioural Supports Ontario … Read more

Immigration Detention and Mental Health – Webinar – 2018-04-10

In Ontario, immigration detainees, including adults, families and children, are held both in an immigration holding centre and in several provincial jails. Amongst the detainees are many who have pre-existing mental illness, including refugee claimants who have fled from persecution and experienced trauma prior to migration. Despite increasing evidence about the negative mental health impacts … Read more