HSJCC Objectives

a) Committee’s overall goals and key commitments:

The T-HSJCC works collaboratively:

  • To provide a planning table to bring together service providers to find solutions to the problem of the criminalization of people with defined unique needs, and;
  • To develop a model of shared responsibility and accountability in dealing with this group of people at points of intersection with the justice system.

b) Committee’s specific objectives:

The T-HSJCC works collaboratively:

  • To assist in facilitating communication through effective linkages among health, criminal justice and social service sectors, and between local committees.
  • To assist in identifying issues with respect to service delivery and capacity.
  • To assist in addressing issues such as access to and duplication of services.
  • To consult with local committees to determine predominant issues.
  • To assist in coordinating regional training opportunities for all sectors involved in serving the target population.
  • To assist in providing informed input and advice concerning research, system design, planning, program implementation, and resource allocation to the partner ministries.