2019 Conference Presentations



Stéphane Grenier
Leveraging the World’s Largest Untapped Mental Health Resource: People
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The Importance of Collecting Race-Based Data Across the Health Care and Justice Systems
Moderator: Renu Mandhane, Chief Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission
Inspector Stacy Clarke, Toronto Police Service
Notisha Massaquoi, Community Leader
Kimberly Roach, Racialized Community Strategy Lead, Legal Aid Ontario
Tanya L. Sharpe, Associate Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto

Jonathan Rudin, Program Director, Aboriginal Legal Services
The TRC and the MMIWG – How Can We Work for Justice for Indigenous People in the Criminal Justice System?

Phil Borges
Documentary Film Maker
CRAZYWISE Film and Workshop

A Discussion with Ontario Deputy Ministers
Moderator: Sara Dias, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association, Kenora Branch and Provincial HSJCC Co-Chair
Paul Boniferro, Deputy Attorney General
Mario Di Tommaso, Deputy Solicitor General, Community Safety
Karen Glass, Assistant Deputy Minister, Mental Health & Addictions Division, Ministry of Health
Janet Menard, Deputy Minister, Children, Community and Social Services
Deborah Richardson, Deputy Solicitor General, Correctional Services

Michael Bryant
Former Attorney General
Bestselling Author of 28 Seconds

Concurrent Sessions

A1 – Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of Functional Prescriptions in Forensic Rehabilitation

A2 – Facilitators and Barriers to Building Collaborative and Sustainable Interventions (Video Link)

A3-1 – Addictions: A Systems Approach via Creativity, Mindfulness and Social Innovation

A3-2 – Supportive Housing within the Circle of Addiction Care

A4 – HSJCC: Crossroads in Mental Health Crisis and Law Enforcement

A5 – Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities through a Justice Clinical Lens

B1 – Older Adults and the Justice System

B2 – A Needs Assessment for Planning Mental Health and Justice Housing

B3 – Mental Health Engagement and Response Team(MHEART): Why Crisis Response should be Multi-Sectoral and Flexible

B4 – KOSSS Land Based and Youth Awareness Program – Land Base and Native Language Program  | Well-Being Program

B5 – Joint Mobile Crisis Response Pilot Project: Made in Thunder Bay

B6 – Acquired Brain Injury and Addictions/Mental Health Collaborative

BP1 – Psychosocial Characteristics of Persons Seen in a Rural Mental Health Court Clinic

BP2 – Mobile Integrated Team: Creating Capacity through Mobile Response

BP3 – Survivors of Homicide Victims and Mental Health

C1 – System Navigation in a Complex World – SURPRISE it’s NOT Broken!

C2 – Alternative Resolution Court – How Do We Spell SUCCESS?

C3 – Mobilizing Communities, Preventing Harm: The North West Community Mobilization Network

C4 – Mobile Crisis Response Teams in Ontario: A Provincial Framework and Toolkit

C5 – Innovative Treatment Program Addressing the Needs of Under Served, Very Diverse Populations (Personality Disorders and IDD/ASD)

C6 – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: From an Understanding to a Framework

C7 – Changing the Conversation

D1 – Ottawa Mental Health Court Therapy Dog Project

D2 – The Implementation of an Integrated Psychological Therapy Approach

D3 – A Safe Place to Land: Bridging the Gap Between Custody and Secure Housing

D4 – Intersections: How Cross-Sector Partnerships Lead to Success for Youth, Families, and Police

D5 – Stigma and Misconceptions in the Correctional Culture (Not Available)

D6 – Community Based Treatment Program for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities who Engage in Sexually Abusive or Concerning Behaviours

E1 – Forensic Mental Health and Justice Services in Ontario

E2 – Down the Rabbit Hole

E3 – The HSJCC Network Member Engagement Plan

E4 – Bolstering Resiliency in Professionals and Clients (Prezi Link)

E5 – Building Bridges/Empowering a People in a Remote Indigenous Community

BP4 – Peterborough Community Support Court: An Evaluation in Recidivism

BP5 – Mental Health Training for Correctional Officers: An Innovative Educational Approach

Poster Presentations

PP1 – CSI – Care, Support & Innovation: PSWs in Mental Health & Justice

PP2 – Meet Me Where I Am: Providing Care to ‘Hard to Reach’ Groups

PP3 – DDu TRHP’in

PP4 – Released From Custody at Court Program – Possible Anywhere!

PP5 – Mental Health Pre-Charge Diversion Programs

PP6 – A Pilot Examination of Opportunities to Further Increase the Benefits Accrued from Police and Crisis Service Collaborations

PP7 – Exploring the Continuum of Care…One Size Doesn’t Fit All

PP8 – Victim-Offender Reconciliation – An Introduction and Why it Works!

PP9 – From Implementation Sustainability: The Ontario Safewards Community of Practice

PP10 – Using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach in Supporting Complex Persons Across the Developmental and Justice Sectors

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