Haldimand-Norfolk Local HSJCC

Goals and Key Commitments:

Local committee HSJCC has existed in part as a steering committee to direct/suggest the most appropriate ways to ensure the MH court program through CMHA can work with community partners to promote the aims of; connecting with those individuals with a mental health, developmental, concurrent or ABI issue who are accused of a criminal offence, ensuring appropriate supports are put into place, follow up supports to give the accused the best chance to be stabilized in community with the aim of minimizing the chance of re-offending.

Specific Objectives:

To provide relevant education opportunities for front line staff & committee members to enhance knowledge of systems issues.ex. FASD, ABI, Release from Custody

To improve the relationships between partner agencies so that accused individuals receive the benefit of community professionals who are committed to working together to provide a range of services for those with mental health issues etc. who are charged with offences.

To act as a planning body for locally identified issues ex. No transportation, no custody facility in area and discuss best practice options find solutions for those released from custody.

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