Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee is a Standing Advisory Committee to the Provincial HSJCC. This committee is reconvened every two years to support the  planning of the Provincial HSJCC Biennial Conference. 

The Conference Planning Committee functions in accordance with the Provincial HSJCC Terms of Reference. As outlined in this document:

  1. Each Standing Advisory Committee shall have at least one (1) Chair/Co-Chairs from
    the P-HSJCC membership.
  2. Should there be more than two parties interested in Chairing the committee, the selection process will be determined by the P-HSJCC Executive Committee.
  3. The membership of each Advisory Committee may consist of members from the HSJCC Network and external stakeholders. All members should be informed of, and supportive of, the goals and objectives of the HSJCC Network.
  4. All Standing Committees will be supported by the Secretariat.

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