Durham Regional HSJCC

Goals and Key Commitments:

To meet Provincial HSJCC objectives and support the mandate.

Help create solutions to enhance the system.

Increase Durham Regional HSJCC Membership with diverse (system) representation and key players on the committee who have connections with other key players.

To create a better understanding of the of the different systems and services.

Collaboration of stakeholders to bring about change for quality care and services provided.

Specific Objectives:

Regular scheduled bi-monthly meetings with Agenda that includes roundtable discussions and updates as a standing item.

Increase information sharing among members using centralized administration support and via email between meetings to enhance communication, knowledge sharing and working together.

Maintain updated information on Provincial website regarding Durham Regional HSJCC.

Increase education and knowledge transfer through education events (in the Spring).

Have assigned, organized and working sub-committees within the Durham Regional HSJCC with follow through/moving forward on issues regarding enhancement of services.

Work closer with the Court system.

Focus on top issues: Aging population – Geriatric, Dementia, Seniors; Housing; Higher needs/Complicated/Higher level short and long term supports regarding Youth issues; Diversion and Property belongings issue. Please refer to IV. Scope of Program – Committee Workplan plan for further specifics.

Upcoming Events