Parry Sound District Local HSJCC

Goals and Key Commitments:

The PS HSJCC will undertake to provide a planning table to bring together service providers to find solutions to the problem of the criminalization of people with clinical needs who are or at risk of being in conflict with the law. The PS HSJCC will work towards developing an approach which fosters shared responsibility and accountability among all relevant service providers and improve the coordination of service delivery among providers.

Specific Objectives:

To provide a planning table which brings relevant service providers together for joint planning and systemic problem solving;

To identify local problems and priorities and develop an action plan in response to the problems identified for the targeted client group(s);

To promote the development and maintenance of effective linkages and liaison mechanisms between criminal justice, health and social service agencies, in the local area;

To consult with other local planning tables whose mandates include service delivery to the intended target group(s);

To provide reports to the Northeast Region HSJCC as appropriate via the PS HSJCC Chair;

To prepare an annual plan and budget for the committee for review by the Northeast Region HSJCC via the Chair of the PS HSJCC.

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