Haliburton Local HSJCC

Goals and Key Commitments:

The committee strives to provide leadership to support the implementation of government initiated policies for individuals who come into contact with the justice system and who have needs which can be met by one or more of the local human services systems.

To provide a mechanism that brings inter-sectorail service providers together to promote solutions to the challenges associated with the criminalization, institutionalization & stigmatization which relates to people who experience mental health, addiction and related conditions including brain injury and neuro-developmental disorders.

To develop and/or support models of shared responsibility and accountability in which support individuals as described above, notwithstanding those special circumstantial, biological, environmental and cultural factors whereby there are either imminent risks or actual points of intersection with the justice system.

Specific Objectives:

To exercise local leadership through the achievement of the listed objectives:

To support individual and the collective efforts of the local committee and the various human services systems with the community

To identify and address community services and systemic issues and make recommendations / advocate to appropriate channels within the various human services system

To identify solutions to systemic challenges with the various human services system

To promote consistency of approach across the community, while ensuring each access point provides individuals with timely service when required

To provide an avenue to share information amongst committee members

Coordinate local training opportunities across the various human services systems within

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