HSJCC Objectives

a) Committee’s over all goals and key commitments:

  • To promote coordination and communication within the criminal justice system
  • To promote and support new initiatives in the region
  • To participate in knowledge exchange activities
  • To promote cross sector coordination for specific client groups

b) Committee’s specific objectives:

  • To identify emerging trends and gaps in services and find regional solutions
  • To promote and monitor court initiatives such as mental health court, youth mental health court and support it’s development
  • To promote and monitor new police-priority client initiatives, including police and stakeholder training
  • To share best practices regarding new initiatives and to advocate for new initiatives
  • To improves access to psychiatric assessments, treatment and follow up by improving use of existing resources
  • To promote training opportunities and links to existing training
  • To host training sessions in partnership with other regional/district partners and facilitate participation in training sessions
  • To communicate broadly opportunities for education and training
  • To develop and host a Seniors conference