Walking the Walk: Compassion Fatigue Workshop


Compassion Fatigue refers to the profound emotional and physical exhaustion that helping professionals and caregivers can develop over the course of their career. It is a gradual erosion of all ... Read more


Youth, Drugs, and the Law


This three-part interactive and engaging workshop series will provide information and practical skills to parents, teachers, and/or anyone in a position of supporting at-risk youth. Participants will gain an understanding ... Read more

$63.61 – $106.05

Niagara Region Lunch and Learn


Do you work with youth and families in the Niagara Region**? At Pine River Institute, we believe that effective change in our students and their families happens in a therapeutic ... Read more


Canadian Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities


The Canadian Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities Conference is an interprofessional conference where health care providers and community partners connect to share educational and informative updates and practical, innovative, ... Read more

$175 – $245

Reclaiming Lives From The Effects of “Trauma”


The effects of “trauma” bring many people to therapy. Drawing on more than twenty-five years of experience, Jill will invite participants to explore an approach to deconstructing problematic life stories ... Read more


2022 Traumatic Brain Injury Conference


Join us for an opportunity to learn about innovation and evidence driven assessments, interventions and treatment in mild traumatic brain injury.  This event will bring together the clinical, research and ... Read more


RHO 2022: LGBT2SQ Health in Focus


RHO 2022: LGBT2SQ Health in Focus is an online learning and sharing event for anyone interested in LGBT2SQ health. Unique in Canada and renowned for the diversity and scope of its ... Read more


Mental Health Law for Children and Youth


Engage with experts and peers on the most pressing current and emerging issues in mental health law for children and youth.Developed based on your requests for a program that would ... Read more