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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

May 23 @ 12:30 pm May 24 @ 4:00 pm

Motivational interviewing is an evidenced based and trauma informed approach. Several books have been written on MI and there are over 1000 publications and over 1100 clinical trials. It is a guiding, client-centered counselling style for eliciting behaviour change by helping clients/patients explore and resolve ambivalence. It is most centrally defined not by technique but by its spirit as a facilitative style for interpersonal relationship. Relatedly, the practice of Motivational Interviewing has four guiding principles: (1) to resist the righting reflex, (2) to understand and explore the person’s own motivation (3) to listen with empathy, and (4) to empower the person, encouraging hope and optimism. 

Motivational Interviewing helps us listen for the language of change and, as a guide, empower people to consider making positive and healthy changes in their lives, all the while honouring their autonomy and choice. 

Please Note: This is an interactive training. Videos, polls, individual and group exercises will be utilized to enhance the learning experience. Participants will be strongly encouraged to keep their camera on throughout the sessions and to participant to the level in which they are comfortable. 

Learning Outcomes 

  1. Outline the components of Motivational Interviewing and understand the spirit of Motivational Interviewing. 
  2. Explain The Four Processes: Engaging, Focusing, Evoking, and Planning.
  3. Recognize and Respond to Change Talk.
  4. Understand and implement the Righting Reflex.
  5. Practice and Apply Core Skills: Open Questions, Affirmations, Reflections, and Summaries. 
$325 – $395