Scarborough Local HSJCC

Goals and Key Commitments:

The S-HSJCC works collaboratively:

To engage in joint cross-sectoral planning, coordination, collaboration and integration of service for individuals with mental health and addiction issues who are involved or at significant risk of being involved with the criminal justice system.

To identify local priorities for planning coordinated services, and establish a process for planning and joint problem solving in relation to these local priorities.

To improve transition at juncture points within services and systems for individuals who come into contact with the justice system

To assist with addressing local needs and reporting to the Toronto HSJCC to help inform systems planning at a regional level.

Specific Objectives:

The S-HSJCC works collaboratively:

To assist in developing and maintaining an accessible and well-functioning system of mental health, justice and related services that work together to improve the transition between services and sector of the Committee’s target population to and through the services and supports that they need when they need them.

To assist in Improve the quality of services for individuals with mental health issues who are involved with the criminal justice system, including the specific matches made between clients and services both initially and through clients’ individual recoveries over time.

To assist in minimize the amount of time people spend in correctional facilities waiting for the assessments, e.g., fitness, Form 6 and/or services they need to support their safe, successful release and re-integration back into the community.

To assist in preventing and reducing recidivism.

To assist and Identifying barriers to achievement of any of the above objectives, with particular focus on identifying and addressing barriers at the juncture between the mental health, criminal justice and related systems.

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