Member Engagement Plan

The HSJCC Network is a dynamic, voluntary collaboration between 1,500+ professionals from across the human service and justice sectors. It is only due to the dedicated time and commitment provided by the members of the HSJCC Network that it is possible to work together to coordinate resources and plan more effectively for people with unique needs who are in conflict with the law. Given the voluntary nature of this network, it is very important to keep the HSJCC Network members engaged at the Local, Regional and Provincial level.

The purpose of the HSJCC Network Member Engagement Plan is to improve the participation and communication of members, as well as the flow of information between different committees. The Member Engagement Plan contains an overview of the membership’s current engagement level, as well as potential strategies for improving engagement within committees and with the network overall.

The HSJCC Network Member Engagement Plan is now available online.

The Member Engagement Plan is intended to serve as a guide that can be adapted by individual committees looking to improve engagement within their membership. Moving forward, the HSJCC Secretariat is looking to support committees in the implementation of this plan in a manner that is appropriate to their needs. We would like to hear more from you about engagement within your committees. Feel free to reach out to the Network Engagement and Communications Officer at to connect.