Thunder Bay Local HSJCC


To provide a planning table for Thunder Bay & the Thunder Bay District to bring together service providers to find solutions to the problem of the criminalization of people with the defined unique needs, and;
To develop a model of shared responsibility and accountability in dealing with this group of individuals at points of intersection with the justice system.


Assist in supporting an integrated, coordinated and seamless service delivery system that meets the needs of this client population and supports community safety.

Using the developed Issues Management Framework and Systemic Issues Referral Form, the committee will discuss and address challenges and systemic issues relating to service delivery, capacity, access, duplication and gaps in service for Thunder Bay and within the Thunder Bay District.

Coordinate district training opportunities for all sectors involved in serving the target population.

Share promising best/emerging practices.

Provide informed input and advice to relevant bodies concerning research, system design, planning, program implementation, and resource allocation.

Engage in collaborative analysis of data from local Situation Tables to identify trends, deficiencies and gaps in service, as well as any operational barriers, which will inform the identification of opportunities for systemic change.

Address local and district service and policy issues, identify solutions to systemic problems and make recommendations to the North West Regional Human Service Justice Coordinating Committee by utilizing the Issues Management Framework.

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