The Sentencing & Parole Project – Toronto Regional and Local HSJCCs Lunch & Learn – 2022-05-19

The Sentencing and Parole Project (SPP) is a non-profit organization that prepares enhanced pre-sentence reports (EPSRs) for Black people marginalized by poverty and racial inequality. Our work has built upon the use of the reports in Nova Scotia where they are ordered by the judiciary to assist with the sentencing of marginalized Black people.

The reports give judges and parole boards the information they need to make informed sentencing and release decisions. They include recommendations for culturally appropriate programs to assist with rehabilitation. The SPP also trains justice system participants about racism in the justice system.

Faisal Mirza is an experienced criminal trial and appeal lawyer. He has argued numerous cases at the Supreme Court of Canada dealing with the Charter, sentencing and human rights. He also frequently appears at the Ontario Court of Appeal. He works often on test case litigation. He contributes to several legal organizations to develop initiatives to advance diversity and substantive equality. Faisal is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School, where he is an adjunct professor teaching criminal law.