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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder or Complex PTSD? Emerging Definitions and Treatment Directions

February 21 @ 1:00 pm February 22 @ 4:00 pm

The diagnostic criterion for PTSD used in Canada does not clearly identify how the effects of very early trauma can shape trauma symptoms. It does not account for the potential impact of abuse and neglect experienced between birth and age six on identity, emotion regulation and on how relationships may be formed and maintained.  

This workshop explores a new way of understanding Complex PTSD that encompasses early and repeated exposures to abuse and neglect particularly by caregivers, how traumatic stress symptoms may be expressed given these circumstances and how early trauma also referred to as developmental trauma, can shape identity, emotion dysregulation and relationship instability. Participants will compare the symptom clusters of PTSD and Specified Trauma and Stress Related Disorder symptoms according to the DSM 5, to the ICD-11 diagnostic criterion for Complex PTSD and consider why these distinctions in diagnoses is important. There will be an opportunity for the application of current research on the assessment of Complex PTSD versus Borderline Personality traits, discuss evidence- based treatments best suited for these clients and how to sequence treatment that targets the needs of each client. 

Learning Outcomes 

  1. Define disorganization of self and describe its 3 components as defined in Complex PTSD. 
  2. Describe 2 characteristics of each of these types of traumatic stress: Intergenerational stress, Paediatric Medical Traumatic Stress & Traumatic Grief in Children and Youth. Consider how these may contribute to disorganization of self-symptoms.
  3. Name 4 key components of Borderline Personality Traits and discuss why individuals with these traits are so challenging to work with. 
  4. Define a trauma-informed framework for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.
  5. Identify the types of interventions from Integrative Treatment for Complex Trauma for Adolescents. 
$150 – $185