A Family Experience of Youth Justice – Redesigning Responsive Approaches with New Guides and a New Forensic Model for Youth Justice – 2015-11-17

This panel discussion will frame challenges and provide solutions to issues faced by mental health addictions, and justice sectors in addressing the needs, and enabling the strengths of young people under 18-years-of-age and their families. Through discussion of a family’s experience, and the service system response, we identify key needed resources and

Building Integrated Youth Forensic Services – The Journey – 2015-11-17

The Youth Forensic Service is a new provincial ministry initiative, intended to provide alternate care pathways for youth with mental health disorders who find themselves in conflict with the law. By way of forensic assessments, our service’s primary goal is to inform the courts about the influence of mental illness upon a

System Improvement Through Service Collaboratives (SISC)

Implementing Cross-Sectoral Initiatives within the Justice System to support Children and Youth with Mental Health & Addiction Needs Learn how the Niagara, Champlain, and Kenora Rainy River Justice Collaboratives have used implementation science and a community-led process to support the exploration of system challenges, stakeholder engagement, the brokering of unique partnerships across sectors, and

The HARM (Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management) Tool: Implications for Implementation

This webinar explores risk management as it relates to the specific implementation of the Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management (HARM) Tool. Risk factors for violence vary from inpatient hospital settings to community settings and this webinar also explores implementation of the HARM tool in both settings. Learn from experts about