Children and Youth

Describing associations between child maltreatment frequency and the frequency and timing of subsequent delinquent or criminal behaviors across development: variation by sex, sexual orientation, and race [2019]

BackgroundChild maltreatment has been linked to lower health, education, and income later in life, and is associated with increased engagement in delinquent or criminal behaviors. This paper explores trajectories of these behaviors from adolescence into early adulthood and tests maltreatment

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Does Juvenile Detention Impact Health? 2018

Youth involved in the juvenile justice system represent a medically underserved population. Recidivist youth have poorer health outcomes compared to youth detained for the first time. This study determined differences in immunization history, substance use, mental health symptoms, and sexual

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Down the Rabbit Hole – 2019-11-05

Youturn has a unique perspective of what travelling through the YCJS can look like for youth and the professionals who work with them. Through activities, discussions and knowledge sharing, the presenters will demonstrate how these perspectives have increased engagement and

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