CADTCP’s Principles of Drug Treatment Courts [2023-11-16]

As therapeutic courts and specifically Drug Treatment Courts (DTC) continue to be stood up around the country, the Canadian Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals (CADTCP) seeks to share their research, experiences and 13 key principles with these courts. The presentation will discuss these principles and how they can apply to new and current courts alike.

Are you looking to establish a DTC at your courthouse? Do you know that the CADTCP is there to support you in doing so? Learn from their experiences, bring your questions, and begin the work of starting up your own therapeutic court.

Presented at the 2023 HSJCC Virtual Conference on November 16, 2023.


Jennifer Graham
MAG & Director at CADTCP

CADTCP’s Principles of Drug Treatment Courts – 2023-11-16 – YouTube