Dual Diagnosis Justice Coordinators/Case Managers – Promoting Inclusive Justice – Poster [2023-11]

The role of the Dual Diagnosis Justice Coordinator/Case Manager (DDJC/CM) is to provide support to individuals with developmental disabilities and high support or complex care needs that find themselves involved with the justice system. Across Ontario, the DDJC/CM’s, housed within the Community Networks of Specialized Care, work to ensure that all persons with a developmental disability experience equitable access to justice. In partnership with varying justice professionals, community service providers, and personal support systems, DDJC/CMs help to ensure that an individual can navigate their justice matters with greater facility, comprehensive representation, and access to supportive resources. Through a cross-sectoral case study, the poster will examine the benefits a DDJC/CM can bring to a collaborative justice team. A collection of tips and resources that can be applied to your practice will be shared with the poster.

Poster presentation from the 2023 HSJCC Virtual Conference held November 15-16, 2023.


Holly Thomson
Waterloo/Wellington/Dufferin Regions, Central West Specialized Developmental Services