Following the Feather Addiction Support Program [2023-11-16]

Following the Feather Program is a 12-step addiction support program based on indigenous cultural knowledge and traditional healing. The focus of the program is to support people experiencing addiction, recovery and sobriety while building a healthy community. This program was developed to assist with the ongoing indigenous addiction issues in the community and justice system. It models a healthy, traditional, and cultural way of living.

The Following the Feather Program demonstrates a two-eyed seeing approach.

Through an Indigenous lens with one eye, this approach focuses on the connection between inquiry and solutions in which people come together to view the world, while the other eye sees through a Western lens. This approach centers around community, making it a very important part of recovery and aftercare. This program validates the need for indigenous addiction support within the justice system and community.

Presented at the 2023 HSJCC Virtual Conference on November 16, 2023.


Jacqueline Davidson
NorWest Community Health Centres

Following the Feather Addiction Support Program – 2023-11-16 – YouTube