Older Adults and the Justice System – 2019-11-04

For the first time ever, there are more Canadians aged 65 and older than Canadians below age 15. All areas of the justice system are encountering the older adult population daily and with increasing frequency. Many of these cases pertain to age-related conditions like dementia, mental health conditions, and/or substance misuse. The traditional justice system is not designed to meet the needs of this vulnerable population. The Provincial HSJCC has created a navigational guidebook for older adults and adults with age-related conditions who interact with the justice system. The guidebook will help caregivers and service providers understand dementia and related conditions and the unique needs of this population in the justice system. The guidebook explores housing options, consent and capacity, substitute decision-making, and promotes best practices in policing, courts, forensic mental health and correctional settings. Resources for specific services are highlighted throughout the guide.

Presenters: Katie Almond, Christine Conrad, Sarah Denton, Phyllis Fehr, A.J. Grant-Nicholson