Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities through a Justice Clinical Lens – 2019-11-04

In response to the 2016 Ombudsman of Ontario Report, the Community Networks of Specialized Care set out to create a refreshed mandate with the goal of providing individuals with high support and complex care needs access to effective and timely supports. As a result of this, the role of the Dual Diagnosis Justice Coordinator (DDJC) was improved by strengthening cross-sector partnerships and providing a clinical lens across all sectors to better support individuals with developmental disabilities. The role of the DDJC is to assist the individual in preparing for all aspects of their court matter using a biopsychosocial approach and principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis when needed. The DDJC works with other court support staff, justice professionals and the individual to ensure they receive the supports they require to experience the justice system in a fair and equitable manner. This process will be highlighted and operationalized by reviewing case examples.

Presenters: Marnie McDermott, Courtney Hutson, Vicky Simos