Racialized Populations and Mental Health Court Diversion – Webinar – 2019-05-15

The Racialized Populations and Mental Health & Addictions Community of Interest (CoI) is a provincial forum for knowledge exchange and collaborative creation. Members of CoI will present on its most recent project which focused on the experiences of racialized persons with formal and informal mental health court diversion programs and practices in Toronto.

The presentation aims to increase the understanding of how diversion is applied to racialized populations; raise awareness about the need for standardization of race-based data collection in the justice system and contribute to existing strategies to improve the overall well-being of racialized populations moving through justice system. It will also examine how perceptions of race in the justice system impact outcomes, as well as what is needed to effectively address systemic racial inequities.

Angela Yip, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
Candace Vena, CMHA, Ontario 
Christine Conrad, CMHA, Ontario
Deqa Farah, Mental Health and Addiction Housing First Programs at Fred Victor