History of Childhood Abuse in Populations Incarcerated in Canada – Webinar – 2019-04-15

This webinar will discuss the rationale, methods, findings, and implications of a systematic review that was conducted on the prevalence of childhood abuse in people in prisons in Canada. Half of people in prisons in Canada have experienced childhood abuse. Each type of childhood abuse (neglect, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse) is common. Women are more likely than men to experience childhood sexual abuse. More research is needed to better understand the association between a history of childhood abuse and criminal justice system involvement, and to prevent childhood abuse and mitigate its adverse effects. In the meantime, a trauma-informed approach may be helpful.

About the Presenters: Claire Bodkin is a third year medical student at McMaster University, and Fiona Kouyoumdjian is a Family Physician in a provincial correctional facility and a Researcher in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster.