Stigma and Public Perception

Battling Associative Stigma in Psychiatric Nursing [2020]

Psychiatric nurses often experience associative stigma. Associative stigma may impact psychiatric nurses’ views of their professional identity which ultimately impacts the health care of individuals experiencing mental health concerns. Very little research has been conducted on associative stigma in the

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How and when does mental illness stigma impact treatment seeking? Longitudinal examination of relationships between anticipated and internalized stigma, symptom severity, and mental health service use [2018]

Highlights• Examined longitudinal relationship between stigma and mental health treatment seeking. • Internalized stigma mediated relationship between anticipated stigma and treatment. • Symptom severity moderated relationship between anticipated stigma and treatment. Abstract Although mental illness stigma has been identified as an important barrier

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How does psychiatric diagnosis affect young people’s self-concept and social identity? A systematic review and synthesis of the qualitative literature [2018]

Highlights • Psychiatric diagnosis affects young people’s self-concept and social identity. • A systematic review identified 38 relevant qualitative studies. • Diagnosis entails both risks and benefits for self-concept and social identity. • Self/identity outcomes may inform decisions about giving or accepting a diagnosis.

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