Restorying One’s Story [2023-11-15]

Based on a proprietary learning platform – “Restorying Your Story” provides a healing program that can be used by any organization in and out of Indigenous communities. Managing Partner Michael Gauthier did his PhD cultural studies work in this area. The teachings balance recognition of historical facts with today’s realities with an emphasis on creating a positive collaborative future. The programming includes innovative, culturally sensitive communication tools that encourages dialogue to start the journey to a positive and healthy lifestyle.

It is a community-based research project in which participants/clients who have experienced past trauma participate in “restorying circles.” A restorying circle is a group exercise that allows participants to reflect on the thoughts playing on repeat in their minds about identity and shame, and recreate the narrative. They also engaged in the use of the Medicine Wheel and Tipi Model to regain a sense of dignity and hope for the future.

Presented at the 2023 HSJCC Virtual Conference on November 15, 2023.

Michael Gauthier
Life-Circle Consulting,

Restorying One’s Story – 2023-11-15 – YouTube