Shining a Light: Violence in Dementia Caregiving and Receiving Relationships – Poster [2023-11]

The number of people with dementia (PwD) receiving care from family and friends in Canadian communities is increasing (Statistic Canada, 2020). Within these complex and dynamic relationships of care, PwD may both be the victims and perpetrators of aggressive and violent behaviours that involve criminal violations (Cipriani et a., 2016). In some cases, dementia-related violence forms part of long standing experiences of intimate partner violence (Band-Winterstein & Avieli, 2019).

Justice and human services personnel who work with PwD and their caregivers in these contexts face various challenges including limited training regarding the nature of dementia and the risks of related violence, and effective ways to engage with PwD. This poster will share knowledge and best practises regarding how to identify and respond to diverse forms of violence in dementia care-giving relationships. It will support participants in responding in person-centred, trauma-informed ways that seek to prioritize the safety and well-being of both the PwD and their caregiver.

Poster presentation from the 2023 HSJCC Virtual Conference held November 15-16, 2023.


Claire McMenemy
Community Advocacy and Legal Centre