Social Determinants of Health

Does food security predict poor mental health? – 2018

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to assess food security as a risk factor in the development of poor mental health among younger populations in the USA over an eight-year period using a nationally representative cross-sectional sample. Design/methodology/approach Using

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Geographic Clustering of Admissions to Inpatient Psychiatry among Adults with Cognitive Disorders in Ontario, Canada: Does Distance to Hospital Matter? – 2018

Objective: This study examined relationships among hospital accessibility, socio-economic context, and geographic clustering of inpatient psychiatry admissions for adults with cognitive disorders in Ontario, Canada. Method: A retrospective cross-sectional analysis was conducted using admissions data from 71 hospitals with inpatient

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Mental illness as a relationship dealbreaker [2018]

Research suggests that stigma toward mental illness extends to evaluations of people with mental disorders as potential romantic partners. However, it is not clear if mental illness functions as a relationship dealbreaker that leads to the rejection of potential mates.

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