Criminogenic Factors and Recidivism

Down the Rabbit Hole – 2019-11-05

Youturn has a unique perspective of what travelling through the YCJS can look like for youth and the professionals who work with them. Through activities, discussions and knowledge sharing, the presenters will demonstrate how these perspectives have increased engagement and

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Gendered Pathways to Crime

This webinar explores the role that a history of victimization or mental health issues play in the responses of women to a correctional environment, and to the nature of the programming that women require. Learning Objectives:· Understanding the different pathways

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Restorying One’s Story [2023-11-15]

Based on a proprietary learning platform – “Restorying Your Story” provides a healing program that can be used by any organization in and out of Indigenous communities. Managing Partner Michael Gauthier did his PhD cultural studies work in this area.

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